Stories of how self-forgiveness challenges were overcome and life lessons learned along the way. These stories and other poignant self-forgiveness stories are included in the book, The Heroic Path to Self-Forgiveness.

Jennifer’s Story: Mistaken Identity

In 1982, Jennifer Thompson was a college student living alone in an off campus aPhoto of hands sticking out of jail cellpartment in Burlington, North Carolina. One night, while she was sleeping, an intruder entered her apartment. He held her at knife point and violently raped her. During the incident, Jennifer studied the face, voice and other identifying features of her assailant, so she could help identify him if she survived. Ultimately, she was able to escape. She vowed to do all she could to make sure that the person who did this to her was put away for a very long time. Read more…

Elizabeth’s Story*: Gifts of My Brother

Photo of child behind  doorHow do I begin to forgive a self that so thoughtlessly threw away the gifts my beloved brother Phillip gave me? Once when we were young, my mother asked me to babysit him. I was fourteen, Phillip was ten. I resented having to babysit that night. When he came to my bedroom door, popcorn in hand (his white flag attempt), I slammed the door in his face. What happened some years later feels a lot like that. I slammed the door on a life he wanted for me. A life he was losing as he lay dying of AIDS in 1992. Read more…

*Pseudonyms have been used to protect the identity of the storyteller and her brother.

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