Everyone has within them an unfolding heroic story. Below are real people whose extraordinary and inspiring stories exemplify personal heroism.

Real Life Heroic Stories

ediethuEdie Eger’s Story
Turning Broken Bones Into Dancing

Edie’s story began in Kassa, Hungry where she grew up with her parents and older sisters, Magda and Klara. In May of 1944 at the age of 16 her life changed forever. Edie was sent by the Germans to Auschwitz concentration camp along with her parents and sister Magda. Read more…

Photo of Aaron BakerAaron Baker
One in a Million Spirit

Aaron Baker was a highly competitive and determined professional motocross racer, whose life changed in an instant in 1999. While practicing on a local motocross track, he crashed, broke his neck, and became a quadriplegic. Aaron’s neurosurgeon gave him a one in a million chance of having any functionality below his injury. Through his determination,  perseverance and using the mantra that he is that one in a million, he is now learning to walk again!  

Photo of Mark McLaneMark McLane’s Story
Piecing His Head and Life Back Together

Mark was involved in a very serious biking accident on Sunday January 20, 2005. He sustained severe head injuries, neck injuries and back injuries from this accident. Surgery repaired his fractured skull that the doctor described as “putting a jigsaw puzzle together”. Amazingly no fragments of skull penetrated the mass that protects his brain from the skull. Injuries from the head trauma include loss of eyesight on his right eye and loss of hearing on his left ear.

It has been a long road to recovery, but since his accident Mark he changed his profession as a photographer, gone back to school and has become a nurse. The accident has given him a new lease on life and helped him see reality in a whole new way.

Photo of Julia McLaneJulia McLane’s Story
Small Girl with a Big Heart

When Julie was 10 years old, her dad, Mark McLane had a severe bicycle accident (see story above). As Julia watched her dad go through tedious and painful rehabilitation, she knew how much he missed riding his bike. She decided to surprise him by getting him a stationary bike!

On her own initiative Julia researched on the internet what type of bike to get for him, which cost $500. Since she didn’t have that much money, she decided to raise it through donations by selling milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies at a local park.

Julia baked the cookies herself, posted signs around the park and set up a table with the cookies, milk, information and pictures about her dad’s injuries, and a sign requesting contributions. Many people who heard Julia’s story were moved to buy cookies and put in a little extra donation for her cause. Julia continued to bake cookies and request donations at the park every weekend until she had raised the entire $500.

On Father’s Day, Julia’s dad was completely surprised when she presented him with her gift of the bike. It is inspiring to know that someone who was so small had such a big heart. Her generosity of spirit and tenacity to accomplish what she set her mind to do are great lessons in heroism for us all.

Other Inspiring Stories

  • Cameron Clapp As a 15 year old athlete, Cameron was hit by a train and became a triple amputee. Rather than wallow in self-pity, he felt lucky to be alive and used his experience to compete as  disabled athlete, become a motivational speaker and mentor other amputee.
  • Randy Pausch – Randy was a successful professor of computer science in the prime of his life when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was determined do what he could to be upbeat and make memories with his family. He delivered a lecture to his students, “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” which went viral and continues to touch million’s of people’s lives.
  • Warren MacDonald -Discovery Channel “I Shouldn’t Be Alive-Trapped Under a Boulder” Video (1:12 min.)

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