See a graphical representation of The Heroic Myth in Action™ Transformational Change Process (PDF)
There are 10 stages of the heroic journey that rotate counter clockwise, symbolizing synchronization with mythological time.

Although there is a different outer appearance for each person’s and organization’s journey, the stages required to get to the level of awareness are common to all of us. By understanding the stage we are in, it helps us know where we are going and what we need to do to close the gap between our inner sense of direction and outer reality. See a graphical representation of Heroic Myth in Action Transformational Process (PDF).

Stage 1: The Call to Adventure
Open to a  new state of being.

Stage 2: The Refusal
Examine internal and external terrain.

Stage 3: Acceptance
Align internal and external desire  for change.

Stage 4: Crossing the Threshold
Commit to action. Bravery to move  forward is tested.

Stage 5: Meeting Allies
Gather internal and external support.

Stage 6: The Trials
Experience where metamorphosis occurs.
Evolutionary   emergence of the new.

Stage 7: The Respite
Gain wisdom  and develop peaceful strength.

Stage 8: Magic Flight
Develop and  hone new ways  of being.

Stage 9: Triumphant Return
Test wisdom in real world applications.

Stage 10: Master of Two Worlds
Complete the transformative process. Integration of the internal and external.

* The stages presented are adapted from The Hero’s Journey workshops conducted in Seattle by mythologist Peter Wallis and the Hero’s Journey Monomyth concepts from The Hero with a Thousand Faces, 3rd edition, by Joseph Campbell, copyright © 2008; reprinted by permission of Joseph Campbell Foundation (

The Collective Stages of an Organization’s Heroic Myth in Action Journey©

Graphic of collective heroic journey
Each person’s personal heroic journey contributes to the collective heroic journey of the organization and vice versa.

Just as the personal heroic journey is a quest to discover the core of who we are, the collective heroic journey of an organization is a quest to discover the core values and mission that have brought a particular group of people together. Also, just as there is an inner voice within each of us, there is an inner voice within the organization that is reflective of the grouping of people who make up the whole organization at a particular time and place.