Marion Moss Hubbard, Ph.D.  

  • Masters and Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, Photo of Marion Moss HubbardInternational University of Professional Studies (IUPS)
  • Bachelor of Science with honors in Advertising Communications, University of Texas at Austin

Welcome! I’m the Founder of  Heroic Journey Consulting, which began in 1991. I feel passionate about the transformational process, because I know its personal power in my own life. In fact, I feel so passionate about it that I specialized in the dynamics of personal and organizational transformation in my Ph.D. program.

If I had understood over 30 years ago what I now know, it would have saved me years of heartache and helped me better navigate through some very dark and emotionally traumatic times.

It is easy now from my current vantage point to see that I have grown immensely from that dark and challenging, but transformative time. In the thick of it, though, I had to act on blind trust in myself and my support network for assurance that I wasn’t doing more harm than good.

I now realize that if I hadn’t been taken to my emotional and spiritual nubs, if I hadn’t endured all those painful experiences and courageously dived straight into some of the scariest parts of myself, I wouldn’t have transformed myself from inside out. I also wouldn’t be doing my life’s work, which is to facilitate transformation for other individuals, organizations and society as a whole! 

What I Offer

  • Personalized Mentoring
    Whether it is general Life Guidance that you need or specialized Leadership Support, I help individuals become their own best guides through life’s trials and tribulations, so they can come out on the other side of challenges more resilient, wiser and better able to handle whatever life sends their direction.
  • Transformational Products
    As an author, I offer tools to promote personal awareness, commitment to action and service to others.
  • Speaking 
    I offer keynote presentations, customized training, and in-depth workshops to help individuals, cohort groups and work teams develop the awareness and skills needed to navigate their personal and professional terrain with greater ease and effectiveness.
  • Blogs
    I offer practical insight, food for thought and helpful tips to improve your life.
  • Resources
    I offer free resources including stories of heroism and self-forgiveness, inspiring quotes and helpful links that promote expanded awareness and personal growth.
  • Transformational Online Learning
    Visit our separate website focused on eLearning modules designed to help you go more deeply within, discover aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed, and develop the skills to relate to yourself, others and our natural world in a whole new way.

Contact me if I can further support you on your personal journey!