Take the Heroic Challenge!

Test your heroic mettle by taking the Heroic Character Self Evaluation (PDF)

How evolved you are on each of the heroic parameters?

  1. Clear Sense of Self 
    Choices and actions are guided from within
  2. Authenticity
    Internal and external harmony
  3. Heart-Felt Connection to Others 
    Open-hearted in contact with other human beings
  4. Passionate Enthusiasm
    Live life fully and boldly
  5. Seeker of Purpose and Meaning
    Find value in everyday experiences
  6. Leadership
    Demonstrate leadership capabilities regardless of title or position in an organization
  7. Service-Oriented Perspective
    Willingness to serve extends beyond self interests
  8. Awareness
    Internal observer plays and active role in life
  9. Commitment to Excellence
    Aspire to do one’s best
  10. Resilience
    Ability to bounce back from adversity